Glamping Questions


What should I bring glamping?

The great part about glamping is that (almost) all your needs are covered so you can focus on fun! Bring games or activities if you have some favorites at home or just use the ones we provide. We also encourage bringing a change of clothes, towels for the lake (we provide towels for showering, but they are not to be taken to the lake), food, beverages, coolers and ice for your perishable items, and additional cooking supplies if desired. You will need firewood which can be purchased through us, at the Camp host sites at Beals Point and Peninsula Campground, or at your local store.

Do I need to reserve my site at Folsom Lake prior to booking with Creative Excursion?

We do recommend reserving your site first with Folsom Lake through If you would like us to make your reservation for you using your credit card, we are happy to do that as well. Just give us a call!

What is included in the glamping rental?

Included in your rental is a large tent, real bed (or beds depending on your package), bedding, extra blankets, seating, storage, a few books and board games, towels for showering, hygiene kits, lighting for the tent as well as a couple flashlights, first aid kit, sunscreen, bug spray, and a cooler with ice and water.  We also provide a pot and pan, some cooking utensils, a variety of spices, paper plates, and silverware. We have add on packages that will include firewood as well. Sitting around the campfire is a must so we do provide camping chairs. If you need something specific, please don't hesitate to ask. We try to accommodate all guests as best we can. 

Are there bathrooms and showers?

Yes! There are public restrooms at each campsite. Showers are available at Beal's Point and Peninsula Campground. Campers at Negro Bar can use the showers at Beal's Point but would this require personal transportation as the campgrounds are not walking distance. You will need quarters to run the showers, but we provide a towel, hygiene products, and soap. Don't forget your shower shoes!

Do you allow dogs?

Absolutely, we know pets are part of the family too. We just ask they stay off the furniture. We will provide a kennel, dog bowl, and a couple of toys upon request free of charge. 

How does glamping compare to camping?

Glamping is fun way to experience the outdoors. You get a real bed, comfortable linens and blankets, space to move around, and options for an air conditioner or heater plus all the setup is done for you! It is definitely still camping through so there will be bugs, other critters, and natural elements to contend with. We are not a 5-star resort. Be prepared to get a little dirty and experience nature at its fullest. If you do not like camping, this may not be for you, but we encourage everyone who likes a little adventure and to try new things to give this a try! It will certainly be unforgettable. 


Can we bring extra tents or extra people?

Due to the size of the tent compared to the size of the site there is not room for additional tents. For larger groups Negro Bar has large campsites for up to 30 people. Maximum occupancy for our tents is based on bed selection. Additional people are not permitted to sleep on the floor. 

Do you provide meals or food?

You are on your own for food. There is a snack bar at Beal's Point closer to the water if you wish to purchase food from them during their operating hours. We will provide one cooler with ice and water on the day of your arrival. 

What rules do we have to follow?

 You are responsible for knowing and following California State Park rules and regulations. We will also provide a waiver with details about our expectations upon making a reservation but put simply- treat our items with respect. Anything damaged or broken beyond normal wear and tear you will be responsible for. 

Day Package Questions


What should we bring?

Either rent a grill from us or bring your own if you want to grill during the day. Bring all food or beverages you would like to enjoy throughout the day. We do provide one cooler with ice and water.  We provide beach towels to dry off with sunscreen, bug spray, and a Bluetooth speaker to enjoy your music from. We encourage you to bring any water activities you want.

Are their bathrooms?

Each location has public restrooms but the distance to the bathrooms may vary based on specific location.

Which location is best for me?

Each location has different features so if you are unfamiliar with lake give us a call so we can direct you to the best spot. Some beaches have lifeguards, and some do not, some have more hiking trails, others are better for fishing, and some are more family friendly. Granite Bay and Beal's Point are handicap accessible. 

Are dogs allowed?

Dogs are not permitted on the designated Swim beaches at Beals Point, Granite Bay, Negro Bar and Nimbus Flat.  Dogs are permitted at all other locations in the park on a 6-foot leash. 

Can I fish right from the beach?

Many of the swimming beaches will not allowing fishing right from where we set up. If you are interested in fishing, we can set you up somewhere else along the shore so you can enjoy fishing right from your canopy. *Make sure to get your fishing license first! 

Cancellation Policy


Customers will receive a full refund if booking is cancelled two weeks prior to scheduled date of arrival. Cancellations within two weeks of scheduled arrival date will receive a 50% refund. Customers may reschedule or receive a credit in the amount of purchase due to poor weather (raining or thunderstorms) with 48hrs notice. Customers will also receive a full refund or credit in case of operator cancellation due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances. Contact us by phone to cancel or inquire about a cancellation. Same day cancellations or no-shows will be charged the full price.